See in the pictures what rain revealed in Al-Jawf Governorate for the second time this year


The rains in Al-Jawf Governorate revealed traces of the Sheba civilization for the second time in a row this year.

A number of activists on social media circulated a number of photos of these monuments, in which a number of columns appeared, revealing the remains of the remains of a palace of one of the Sabaean kings, who lived in the Al-Jawf region and the Marib region and through which they ruled Yemen.

The rest of the columns are still buried in the desert close to the place of the visible columns, in which a number of images were carved, which are animals of the “ibel”, the male deer, which symbolized strength in the Sabaean civilization.

Activists on social media platforms demanded that the Yemeni government move to cordon off the area and excavate the rest of the antiquities and protect them, especially after the Yemeni antiquities were looted, especially after the Houthi militia took control of it, which is indifferent.

The people found similar antiquities more than four months ago in Al-Jawf Governorate, near the house of a citizen.

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