“Serves its interests” .. the Houthi militia announces a step to dissolve and isolate the “transitional” and reveals the alternative


The Houthi coup militia said, on Wednesday evening, that things are currently moving towards dissolving the Southern Transitional Council, and isolating it from the southern street, and considered this step to undermine its interests in the southern governorates.

Hussein Al-Ezzi, who holds the position of Deputy Foreign Minister in the (unrecognized) Houthi militia government, said that “things are currently moving towards merging the Transitional Council into the UAE-backed General People’s Congress.”

The Houthi leader added, in a tweet monitored by the Yemeni scene, that “this step is aimed at dissolving the Transitional Council and isolating it from the southern street.”

He claimed that this step comes to serve the position of the Houthi militia, and Al-Ezzi said: “Such an approach will make us the closest to our people in the south, while the transitional will become, in their view, just a follower of the weakest team,” referring to the UAE-backed Congress Party.

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