Shabwa…A child was killed and 3 others were injured when a strange body exploded


A child died and 3 others were injured when a strange and unknown object exploded this evening in Mayfa’a Shabwa district.

Special sources told the “Yemeni Scene” that the child Abdul Rahman Alawi Al-Kadil Abdul-Sayed died and both Bashir Al-Jaab Ba-Abdullah, Hani Al-Jaab Ba-Abdullah and Haitham Amin Muzahim Abdul-Manea were injured as a result of the explosion of an unknown body due to a fire of waste.

Activists from Mayfa’a Shabwa suggested that the explosive device was a mine left over from the war with the Houthis in 2015.

Activists warned the parents not to let their children burn the remnants that may contain explosive objects.

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