Shabwa Governor “Ben Adyo” breaks his silence and declares war on the Houthis under the banner of this leader


The Governor of Shabwa Governorate, Muhammad Saleh bin Adyo, demanded to stand united in defeating the Houthi militia from the outskirts of the governorate.

During an expanded meeting of the local authority, military and tribal leaders in the province, he stressed the need to engage in the national battle that the Yemeni people are waging against the Houthi militia, under the leadership of the legitimate government and President Hadi.

He pointed out that Shabwa governorate had a bitter experience with the Houthi militia when it fell under its control in 2014, pointing out that the militias’ crimes affected everyone without exception.

The following is the Yemeni scene conveying the text of the word “Ben Adyo”:

Peace, mercy and blessings of God

At the outset, we congratulate you and our people and their leadership on the occasion of the Yemeni revolution’s feasts of September 26, October 14 and November 30, which comes and our country Yemen and our people are facing a fierce war imposed on them by militias representing Iran’s arm in Yemen and carrying out a dynastic sectarian project from which our people have suffered for more than a thousand years of injustice, oppression, killing, destruction and ignorance until Salvation was written for our people from this misery on September 26, 1962 AD with the demise of the defunct Imamate regime and the announcement of the birth of the republican regime, which represented a response to the aspirations and sacrifices of the free people of Yemen..

The September revolution in the north of the homeland had prepared for the October 14 revolution in the south, leading to national independence on November 30, 1967 and the evacuation of the British colonizer.

Since the liberation of the Imamate rule and the departure of the British colonialists, our country has witnessed great transformations, and it is not the place here to list them or evaluate them, except that the attempt of the racial sectarian dynastic rule to return and impose itself by force of arms represents the greatest danger that cannot be accepted or coexisted with, as it carries nothing but evil and exclusion of people and the separation of society and the people. Based on race and ancestry, and seeking to obliterate the Yemeni identity and include it in the Persian project.

All present:

It is no longer a secret to anyone that the Houthi militia, which is the arm of Iran that is tampering with it in Yemen and threatening its neighbors, is like a poisoned dagger that is implanted in the body of Yemen, and that peace and stability cannot be achieved as long as this arm remains. President of the Republic, Field Marshal Abd Rabbo Mansour Hadi, to resist this project, which represents a danger to everyone, and that the political differences, no matter how high, cannot be compared to the danger this militia poses with its sectarian ideology and bloody behavior.

Dear brothers:

We have been afflicted in Shabwa governorate with the crimes of these militias during more than two years of their aggression against the people of the governorate from 2015 to 2017, and there is no crime left but committed by killing, displacement, destruction and kidnapping. Their souls defend their land and dignity, and immortal stances of steadfastness and determination were recorded until the liberation of Shabwa governorate was completed from it. This great victory had many reasons that it is important to invoke today as we face a new aggression by these militias. This was evident in the support and support of the fronts from different regions, a great impact in achieving victory, and the unification of the various forces and components of society, an authority, an army, tribes, and political forces was one of the most important of those reasons, in addition to the care and guidance of the political leadership and support from the Arab coalition.. The National Army provided The best of his men were officers and individuals, just as the tribes were striving with the best of their men, so God wrote help, victory and success, and it was a victory at a great price.

Today, in light of the renewed aggression of this militia and its targeting of the governorate and its attempt to advance in some of its areas, it is important to emphasize a number of issues:

– That this militia must realize that Shabwa’s land, mountains and sand reject its project and that it will not find from the sons of Shabwa but rejection and resistance as it found it for the first time, and that the sons of the national army, security, tribes and society will not hesitate to confront its aggression until God writes victory not for Shabwa alone but for Greater Yemen and the restoration of Every inch of it.

– The battle with the Houthi militia is open to all of Yemen’s land and its goal is clear and clear that Yemenis will not neglect the republican system that has restored their right to live with dignity after centuries of enslavement and superstition rule.

– Line up, unite and unify the position behind the political leadership represented by His Excellency the President of the Republic, Field Marshal Abd Rabbo Mansour Hadi, and with the brothers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, directing all efforts and energies towards the battle with the Persian project and rejecting the dispute is today an urgent necessity that does not accept delay, and that any effort squandered in other than this battle represents A mistake that cost everyone a great deal, and that is why the call today is for everyone to mobilize all energies towards this battle “and do not argue, so you will fail and your wind will go away, and be patient that God is with those who are patient.” The unity of the situation is the path to victory.

– Since its coup against the state, this militia has revealed its bloody face and that there is no limit to its crimes, and it continues to perpetuate this crime every day, and that what it is doing of targeting civilians and population centers with ballistic missiles and a siege of populated villages, as is the case in the steadfast Marib, is the best evidence that the destruction and bloodshed It is the project of this militia and that these war crimes put the international community before its responsibilities.

– The suffering that the citizen suffers as a result of the deterioration of the currency value and the decline of the national economy is another facet of the suffering caused by the war caused by the militia, and that the responsibility of the government and the international community is great to move urgently to save the Yemeni people from the effects of this humanitarian crisis.

– The war with the militia in its past years has shown bright images and models that raise inspirations for heroic men who wrote positions of pride and pride that will remain immortal and transmitted by generations, and this is the most common among the sons of Shabwa and its men in a battle where there is no neutrality at all. There is a clear enemy whose project targets everyone and this enemy will be sought by every means To seek to destabilize society with false claims that will fail in front of people’s awareness of its intentions and behavior.

– What is required of all of us today is to make this battle our priority, both the position of the soldier and the fighter in his armory, the wise man in his honor, the merchant with his money, the preacher from his pulpit, the writer with his pen and the doctor from the hospital of a battle in which we line up like a solid structure defending our land and our dignity until God writes victory, God willing.

We salute all the heroes in all fields of honor and heroism in all the battle fronts in the various provinces who are writing epics of heroism as they fight this militia

We also salute our people in areas controlled by militias for their rejection and resistance to the barbaric practices of those militias that are trying to change the identity of society and spread their ideas under the threat of arms.

Salute to the families of the martyrs who rose in the face of the Houthi militia, recovery for the valiant wounded, and near victory with God’s help and ability.

May the peace, mercy and blessings of God be upon you.

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