Shawqi Al-Qadi and prayer on the public road


He heard the call to prayer while waiting for the taxi, so he only took the street as a prayer place, and no one was passing the road except that he unfurled his jacket.

The “passer-by” did not line up behind my longing for prayer, perhaps because he knew the right of way. If people had taken the road as a prayer hall, that would have been an infringement on public space as one of the people’s rights.

But Shawqi Al-Qadi grew up on the tales that his preacher, Professor Abdul Majeed Al-Zindani, was making up with the aim of influencing the public, when he was telling them about his conquests by convincing hundreds and thousands of professors in the West to embrace Islam, and how he used to spend three days and nights without sleep in order to guide them and drive them in droves, and we were turning to his ability. The miracle of staying up late without paying attention to the ability of the “Mahdi” to keep up with the sheikh’s staying up!

Shawki converts the road and the owner of the jacket on the way of his teacher Al-Zindani.

It is a school of vile and sticky fabrications for the purpose of influencing the listener and the reader. We find its historical roots in the qisas in Islamic history, but history has preserved for us the narrations of retribution within the literature of al-Kiddiya and idiots.

Stories that did not end with the Islamization of Western scholars and the Islamization of knowledge, but for Shawqi they reach the Islamization of public space, and make the road a prayer hall!

I have known Shawqi Al-Qadi since he was in the first half of the eighties of the twentieth century resounding with his toned, resonant and resonant voice, and with loudspeakers that the Muslim Brotherhood is keen on taking care of, as an effective means of controlling the consciousness of an oral community – to speak to the attendees in “Samar” the “Freedom Club” of the Muslim Brotherhood in Taiz – On the difference between the darkness and darkness of Abdel Fattah Ismail the Yemeni “communist” and the light and lights of Abdel Fattah Ismail the Egyptian “Brotherhood,” who, according to what he said, wanted the “tyrant” Gamal Abdel Nasser to extinguish his kinetic glow by killing him, and he talks about the immorality of songs, satanic music, and charitable jihadist anthems, on the authority of Jund. God and Satan’s Soldiers!

Shawqi, the investor in schools, institutes, and private centers, the activist in the shops of civil society, the investor in the donation bazaar for the “Freedom Square” who whistled in Taiz during the events of February 11, 2011, and the investor in the workshops and training of Israeli nationals on “human rights” in Turkey – can tell you the story from two mutually exclusive perspectives. .

In about 2010, he told us during a seminar related to the International Criminal Court arranged by the Sisters’ Forum in the capital, Sana’a, how Yemen almost ratified joining the International Criminal Court, and that the General People’s Congress bloc in the House of Representatives had agreed to that agreement, had it not been for Sheikh Abdul Majeed Al-Zindani He contacted President Al-Bashir to persuade President Ali Abdullah Saleh to refuse to join that agreement, which made the Popular Congress bloc change its position.

The same story was told by Shawqi Al-Qadi years ago, but by changing the angles of the story and the convictions of its characters. The one who rejected the agreement when telling the story for the second time was Ali Abdullah Saleh, and that Al-Zindani would have been with her had it not been for President Ali Abdullah Saleh’s intimidation of him that the agreement aimed to drag them handcuffed to that court! .

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