She published a picture of the groom and expressed her sadness.. A Saudi celebrity announces her marriage


The famous Saudi social networking sites, Aisha Abdel Aziz, known as “Yusha”, announced her marriage to her cousin, Musa Al-Turki.

“Yusha” and her sister documented videos and photos from the wedding ceremony, through their accounts on the communication sites.

The famous Najla Abdel Aziz congratulated her sister, “Yusha”, who in turn documented part of the wedding, like her sisters, through her account on “Snapchat”, commenting: “Congratulations, my sister, my love.”

Najla published a picture of the groom, expressing her grief over their deceased father, where she wrote: “I only grew up with my parents.

As she later documented, her brother Ahmed danced while preparing for the wedding, and she also documented the moment the groom entered.

And Wojdan Abdel Aziz monitored, in her account, “Snapchat”, the moment her brother Ahmed cried after hugging “Yosha” and blessing her.

The famous Wejdan, who is married to the brother of Musa Al-Turki, blessed her sister, through her accounts, where she wrote: “A night on the shelf of Happy Six Nights.. Congratulations to my sister, my lover and my friend.. Yosha.., and when my ancestor is after.. And he makes joy, contentment and love companions in her days..”

Likewise, the famous social networking sites, Latifa Al-Turki, the sister of the groom, commented on her account on “Snapchat”, saying: “Love has won the truth this time.”

The pioneers of social networking sites interacted through the hashtag #Yusha_Abdulaziz on Twitter, with the news of the marriage, and commented a tweet bearing the name “Hannan”, saying: “As I expected, they love each other.”

Another expressed her admiration for the ceremony: “Once, elegant, luxurious, calm and elegant, the colors are harmonious, and her dress I liked very well.

And a tweet, bearing the name “Nona”, wrote: “Good luck, the only famous sweetheart that I loved, and she and Hanu.”

Sharifa Al-Harthy commented: “May God grant her success, Lord, and make her good, and may God grant her happiness in her new life.”

Yosha Abdelaziz, her two sisters, Wejdan and Najla, and their cousin Latifa Al-Turki, are famous on social networking sites in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Najla Abdel Aziz is considered the most famous and followed on social networking sites, where the number of her followers on the “Instagram” application exceeds two million followers, while she is followed by the “Snapchat” application with more than five million followers.

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