Shocking details .. A Houthi leader warns the commander of the Central Military Region, “We fell into the trap of Marib.”


The director of the office of the Houthi leader, Abdul-Khaleq al-Houthi, commander of the central and central region – the former Republican Guard and Special Forces – warned the Houthi militia of the trap of the Ma’rib governorate.

Sources said that Brigadier General Ali Fadel, director of the office of Abdul-Khaleq al-Houthi, who belongs to the governorate of Saada and is close to the leader of the Houthi militia, was afraid of the trap that was set for the Houthi militia in the Ma’rib governorate after the militia lost hundreds of Houthis, most of whom are senior leaders in the militia’s ranks.

The sources added that Fadel warned against rushing to enter the deserts and valleys of Ma’rib Governorate, which he considered a bait to get rid of Houthi elements.

In an urgent telegram, Fadel warned the Houthi leaders of the popular reaction due to the increasing number of deaths among the Houthi militia, most of whom were children, and they were kidnapped without the consent of their families.

Fadel’s telegram included saying, “I am not for a goalless sacrifice in a losing battle, which is an ambush. Why did we not control an important area that has great weight, but they give us dust and mountains that do not become fat and do not sing from hunger, where are the whistles? And the oil fields?”.

Fadel mentioned the Houthis by saying that in 2015 their members were within the borders of the Ma’rib Dam from one side, but we lost hundreds and hundreds of our fighters were sacrificed, so why do we control a land that refuses our stay?

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