Silent resistance in Sanaa


With the intensification of the battles over the Republic, the scenes were covered by the melodies of the resistance weapon, which spread the glories in a heroic battle to immortalize an epic scene that generations will remember a lot, until some saw accusing those who live within the areas controlled by the Houthi militias of colluding with the enemies of the Republic to bring it down, and this is not true, as the militias The Houthis meet with a violent resistance of another kind. Its front is in the depths of its areas of control. We can call it the (silent resistance), in the face of the oppression and repression that these militias shower on the head of the citizen, who considers his war with them an existential war.

Silent resistance is a type of resistance that is intractable to create exciting news to attract media outlets. It is a resistance that does not appeal to creating noise, but rather seeps into the shadows to create awareness of resistance, not to create a counter event, and it bets on the accumulation of simple events in ordinary life that sometimes do not care, to exploit this in The awareness industry, which requires a long breath and foresight within the framework of the planned awareness industries, but the awareness industry in popular movements may continue and be very long, and may involve its steps and shorten many things to put tyranny and oppression in front of the ends suddenly.

The resistance is silent as a result of the collective mind’s inventory of the issue of the balance of power. The people of Sana’a see that the balance of power is weighing in favor of the Houthis at the present moment, so the collective mind is forced to work in silence, choosing the areas that are kept silent or the things that the Houthis have not dared to publicly object to, and exploit them to make noise And an unorganized noise, with which he sends several messages, some of which are directed to those who refuse, and others to those who are rejected, saying: “We are here.”

Silent resistance is a type of resistance that crosses affiliations, because it is a kind of relinquishment of oneself to preserve identity in front of an opponent who practices violence and tools of oppression to forcibly force people to his thoughts and beliefs. On it, it makes the base of the resistance expand day by day, because every day a wound opens, and with it the plants of oppression that make us look for our likenesses to sense the presence of support and piety with each other, and therefore we see a kind of union between all the party affiliations that the Houthi oppression brought together on one level.

We all know that the feeling of belonging is the biggest challenge facing the Yemeni today, as he sees his war as a war of identity. Therefore, the Yemeni society involves itself in order for its members to feel belonging to this rejecting society. his society, it provides him with a kind of internal protection that makes him stronger and tougher against the blows of the whips of oppression aimed at changing him, and therefore if the individual is sure that there is someone who shares his position, feelings and trends under the authority of oppression, this provides him with more internal strength, and increases his determination and strength And his insistence on continuing his refusal and resistance.

We have learned from historical evidence that when a tyrant comes and wants to suppress an idea, or he wants to forcibly force people to do something, the idea shrinks to preserve itself, but it does not die, and soon comes back stronger, and there is no evidence for this from the movement Al-Houthi itself, despite its deviant priestly ideology.

And peoples may coexist with the authorities of oppression and normalize with tyranny if they do not feel a threat to their identity, but if they feel a threat to their identity, they resort to gathering their diaspora with spontaneous silent resistance, the resistance that is motivated by human tendencies that need a spirit of belonging, so they begin their resistance taking advantage of successive events and guiding them within the framework of making revolutionary consciousness Waiting for the right crucial moment.

In order to confront this silent resistance, which is reflected in more internal strength among the people who reject it, and contribute to immunizing them with psychological stability that will make them feel more supportive, the Houthi authorities resort to entering and penetrating more in this battle to get the citizen out of that state of psychological stability, and their strategy in that is Poverty, poverty makes oppression deeper and linked to the life of the citizen, which may provide an environment for psychological disorder that is indifferent to the surrounding situation and is completely occupied with livelihood, but the strategy of poverty always brings negative results, because it develops feelings of violence stronger and the Houthi authorities will not be delivered from it in the end..

We have seen many forms of this resistance. There are those who invoke Yemeni history to evoke the Yemeni leadership model and to pay attention to the old Yemeni personalities and states, and the citizen thus invokes the higher ego that will make him one day feel within him his superiority on which his movement will be based on the ground.. We have also seen the republican weddings that She cares about the backgrounds of the republican bird and is interested in opening her concerts with the republican peace. All of these are indications that send veiled republican messages that deepen awareness of the republic and send a message of the impossibility of identification.

We also see this resistance to Houthi ideology clearly and explicitly. When mosque preachers are changed and a preacher from the Houthi militia is brought in, people refrain from Friday prayers in the mosque and look for another preacher, in a scene in which the spirit of silent resistance is clearly manifested in its best forms.
What we have seen of the interest in the fifty-ninth anniversary of the September 26 revolution, and the popular and spontaneous celebration of it, especially in the areas under the control of the Houthis, is a manifestation of the silent resistance, which deepens awareness of this blessed revolution, which was a turning point in the chain of conflict between Yemenis and the Hashemite myth.
And in the end, the Yemeni must stand in front of the remnants of superstition that armed with religion in any way, and we must not neglect any simple action in which we affirm our republic and establish the awareness of ourselves and our children of its sanctity.. And yes, there is a danger that may lurk in silent resistance when The matter is prolonged, but that is not in the continuation of the authorities of oppression and repression, because the authorities of oppression will enter into an existential war as well to consolidate their identity and obliterate the identity of the people, as they tried over the past times when they came to us with the mythical religious identity that glorifies the dynasty and recognizes the divine right for them to rule , at the expense of the Yemeni identity, they did not care about the antiquities and heritage of the ancient Yemeni states or the manuscripts of the Yemenis, and one of them may not hesitate when Saba and Donkeys are mentioned to distract the minds from them that they are infidels who should not be proud of them, in a crude scene to bring the dynastic identity at the expense of the Yemeni identity But the Yemeni people always return to their identity because it is a natural human tendency.

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