single destiny


If the Marib and Al-Jawf fronts retreat, they say the reason is Ali Mohsen and Al-Islah, and if the coastal fronts retreat, they say the reason is Tariq Saleh and the Conference!

So in this case, do we say that the steadfastness of Ma’rib is credited to Ali Mohsen and Islah, and progress on the coast is credited to Tariq Saleh and the conference, is this true?

of course not. All the people of Yemen are making sacrifices, with financial, military and human support from the coalition countries.

I tell you, the losses are borne by everyone, and at the top of the list is the coalition, and victory is the victory of everyone, and at the top of the list is the coalition.

It is an existential, Yemeni-Arab battle in the face of a 1400-year-old Persian Hashemi Alawi aggression. It is a fateful battle against the sectarian wars of the Khomeini revolution, and each of its rounds contributes to making its decisions a long line of Yemeni, Saudi and Emirati leaders, under the supervision, financing and guidance of the coalition countries, and everyone bears Its results, negatives and positives.

We are on the same boat, and all are partners in profit or loss. Even the helpless citizen in Sanaa is a partner, as are the displaced, the refugee, the farmer, the prisoner, etc. All are partners in the homeland and its salvation.

Just stop your inter-war wars, and leave the squares of your partisan and regional grudges, and join hands to remove the Persian mischief from your shoulders, and the good salute with it above the eye and above the head.

We ask God for safety and bloodshed, and a good way out for all.

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