Sisi gives the Ministry of the Interior a deadline and threatens to intervene if the army is necessary


Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi commented on the large encroachments on the Nile River, which have reached an unprecedented stage.

Al-Sisi said, during the opening of the Bahr Al-Baqar water station in Sinai: “What is happening is not appropriate for a country the size of Egypt. If it requires the arrival of the army to retrieve the state’s assets, we will do that.”

Al-Sisi called on the Ministry of the Interior to remove the encroachments on state lands within 6 months, even if the intervention of the army was required, stressing that “the encroachment on agricultural lands is not allowed at all.”

He continued: “The governorate, the Ministry of Irrigation and the Director of Security have to follow up in order to stop and prevent violations, within 6 months, and all bridges will be like what the book says,” according to the seventh day.

He continued: “If it is necessary for the army to go down, the army will descend, and the equipment will be present, whether it is a thousand, 3 thousand, or 10 equipment, and all bridges will return as they were.”

Al-Sisi concluded his statements: “All these people’s data remain with us, whether they encroach on agricultural lands or bridges.”

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