Sisi reveals Egypt’s first issue and the country’s position on the war


Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi said that Egypt always seeks peace, and has never sought wars or conflicts in order to achieve illegitimate ambitions or unjustly seize the dues of others.

The Egyptian president added during the educational symposium on the occasion of the anniversary of the October War, “The days pass, the years pass, ideas change, and the forms of traditional conflicts and wars that we were accustomed to in the past change, as today they have turned into atypical wars aimed at destroying homelands from within.”

He added that Egypt’s first issue now is the issue of awareness, which has become a shared responsibility of all the people.

The Egyptian president saluted the hero of war and peace, the late President Mohamed Anwar Sadat, who made the decision to cross and the great victory in October.

Al-Sisi added that Egypt fought and regained its land, pointing out that it always seeks to achieve peace.

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