Six million women and girls face multiple threats..a report reveals the most important influencers on Yemeni mental health


A UN report revealed that more than six million women are in dire need of protection, due to the violence and deprivation resulting from the war.

A recent report by the United Nations Population Fund, distributed by the United Nations Office for Humanitarian Affairs, stated that displacement and the collapse of protection mechanisms, caused by nearly seven years of conflict. It has significantly increased the vulnerability of women and girls to violence and abuse.

While the report indicated that there are about 6.1 million women in dire need of protection. He said that violence and deprivation also affect the mental health of Yemenis.

The report indicated that the US Agency for International Development (USAID) Office of Humanitarian Aid contributed $5 million at the end of September to the United Nations Population Fund, to provide reproductive health services and life-saving protection to more than 300,000 of the most vulnerable women and girls in Yemen over the next twelve months. However, “the lack of funding continues to undermine life-saving services for women and girls in the country.”

The UN report stressed that the health system in Yemen is in a dire state, a situation exacerbated by the Corona pandemic.

He added that reproductive health services were particularly affected by this, as estimates show that five million women and girls of childbearing age, and 1.7 million pregnant and lactating women have limited or no access to reproductive health services, while only 20% of health facilities are working. Provides maternal and child health services.

The report talked about the suffering of women and girls in Yemen, and said, “They face multiple threats from conflict, famine and the Corona epidemic” that affect them greatly.

He indicated that programs related to providing services that women and girls need are facing severe funding shortfalls, even though they are the only provider of essential life-saving reproductive health medicines in Yemen, and lead the coordination and provision of reproductive health and protection services for women throughout the country. However, these programs received only 41 percent of the funding needed to meet these needs during the current year.

In its report, the UN Fund said that the support it received from the US Agency for Development will help provide emergency health care for maternity and mothers in 14 hospitals and two mobile health clinics in eight governorates. It also targets areas where needs are greatest.

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