Slave… to be or not to be


Oh war, be coolness and peace for Al-Abdiyyah and its heroic people, three days of fierce fighting along the line of defense extending from Jabal Al-Wail through Shaab Sheep to Al-Hajla to Al-Mukhdara and all the way to Maysara Ablah.

In all of those fighting axes, the militias pushed in successive patterns. Whenever a Houthi group was destroyed, it was reinforced by another, so that the fighting would continue for three days and nights, the slavery was like a peak struck by lightning from all sides.

Despite the severity of the battle, Al-Abdiyyah fought valiantly and fought hard for the best of her sons, and each martyr among them had a story summarizing the course of the long struggle for that stubborn land.

And in those fierce battles, there are heroic warriors whose chests received enemy bullets and made them crippled by wounds, but there was no doctor or medicine that bleeds their blood and bleeds our hearts and livers with it.

And if we have pain and pain from the events of the battle, then the enemy will have more pain than that. The heroes of Al-Abdiyyah, who were polished by battles and mastered the art of war, destroyed in the last three days many Houthi crowds, just as the Arab coalition aircraft are strongly present as they destroyed dozens of Houthi vehicles and reinforcements in the last battles.

Al-Abdiyyah passes through days of God’s days…. Its young and old men and women run in the heat of battles and fight fiercely and hard. The groans of the wounded and the prayers of mothers in those lands. There is a national epic and sacred books written by the heroes of those lands.

And what is similar to the days of slavery to the days that Sana’a went through during the seventy-day siege, the republic is dependent on the future of those lands, and just as breaking the seventy-day siege meant the overthrow of the Imamate, breaking the siege on slavery means the overthrow of the Houthi project, which makes the coming days a comma…. and it will not be Except for victory, God willing

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