Slavery outside the account of legitimacy


Al-Abdiyyah stands barricaded from any support, its men arrive in all its directions, filling the gaps, and praying night and day, stationary, unharmed by those who assaulted or betrayed them.
Their Lord has seen the turning of their faces in all directions and directions, so He inspired them to turn their faces to the right side, and God is not unaware of what the wrongdoers do.
Al-Abdiyyah has been bombarded with all forms of fire and besieged from all sides for twenty days, and the terrorist militia’s reinforcements are scrambling for it around the clock as if they were militia tourist groups and clan herds.
Al-Abdiyyah is neither under the earth nor in the heights of the heavens. It is impossible or impossible to support it and lift its siege, and there is no justification or excuse for delaying in releasing it.
The tragic condition of Al-Abdiyyah and its lack of supplies of food and medicine, which caused the aggravation of the condition of its inhabitants (children, women, the elderly and the sick) and the increase in their suffering would not have been possible had it not been for the weakness and humiliation that the legitimacy suffers from, which made the coalition aircraft unable to break its siege while watching the militia’s movements to besiege it And he is blinded from carrying out strikes that destroy the walls of the siege, cut his body and scatter his body parts.
The patience of the Al-Abdiyyah family, so you have no sin except that you are the birth of the heroes and the great men, the protectors of the Republic and its daughters in its second era. Isn’t it from you, the Martyr General Pillar Abd al-Rab al-Shaddadi!!!
O our people in Al-Abdiyyah, your heroism and sacrifices are a miracle in a time of helplessness and an exception in days filled with disappointment and bowing. And God is capable of your victory.

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