Slavery versus ethnic cleansing


Ethnic cleansing, in its simplest definition, refers to the process of persecution through imprisonment, killing and displacement carried out by one ethnic group against another group in order to achieve the goals of that group.

It is “the plans that were taken as a strategy that contained violent and intimidating means that provoke fear and panic, and were practiced against another group within certain geographical areas by armed groups…”

In light of the foregoing, what is happening against the sons of Al-Abdiyyah can be included in the crimes of ethnic cleansing, which are practiced by the racist Houthi group against 35,000 citizens who are exposed to a terrible war with various weapons, and a suffocating siege that prevents the arrival of food and medicine by armed gangs affiliated with the Houthi group, giving them the choice between kneeling or death. ..

For seven years, this group has been practicing terrorism in all its forms and forms against citizens who fled their areas and fled to safe areas, then pursued them with missiles and booby-trapped planes..but today it is practicing genocide against slavery, exposing more than 35,000 citizens to certain death, half of whom are children and women.

The world, which said through its institutions that human rights are fundamental in their country and legally recognized and documented in Article 13 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights issued in 1948, must play its role in curbing this group that practices intimidation, forced deportation, persecution and the obliteration of cultural privacy and Yemeni identity, leading to crimes Ethnic cleansing and forms of genocide.

The negative treatment by organizations, bodies and institutions concerned with local, Arab and international human rights is a real setback that puts their credibility on the line, and bears it as part of the moral and historical responsibility.

But the greater part of the responsibility will be borne by Yemeni stakeholders, each individual according to his position and ability, and his ability in the duty of brotherly, religious and moral victory, and there is still an opportunity to do something through work and contribute to curbing this group and exercising methods of pressure locally, Arably and internationally..

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