People need sleep more than anything else in life.

The number and quality of sleep at different stages of life are important issues in the view of sleep scientists, to make sleep a factory reset for all bodily functions, the most important of which is for the human brain.

Too much sleep, like too little, disturbs the performance of the body, and damages the work and growth of brain cells.

But how to call sleep .. It is not easy, of course.

What I knew from the research and studies of sleep institutions in Britain and the United States that sleep requires physical preparation, one of which is to refrain from drinking stimulants such as coffee and tea after twelve o’clock in the afternoon.

The second of these guidelines is to gradually cut back on watching horror movies and disturbing news.

The third is to exercise before sunset, such as swimming or showering.

Fourth, to be ready to put your head at eleven in the evening to put your head on a suitable sleeping pillow to raise you up from your bed, allowing you to breathe well, which helps to inhale sufficient oxygen to make your brain work during your sleep.

The issue is not complicated technology, but to understand the needs of your body, without stress, and without the need for medicines to help you sleep.. Your pharmacy is inside you!

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