Sons of Yemen, beware of these names!!


O sons of Yemen, stay away from repeating these names. Al-Hashemi and Al-Qahtani Al-Zaidi and Al-Shafi’i are the people of the beginning and the people of the house of the north and the south and other terms that stir up strife and create feuds. Flee from them, your escape from the lion. Stay away from them and do not repeat them in your gatherings and in the means of communication. And on the future of our children and our country, the door to hell will not be closed. Our country will become a rolling ball of fire, whose glow and size are constantly increasing, and many external parties will work to feed it according to their interests.

Stay away from these names, whatever the causes. Remember, for example, that a country like Rwanda, in just three years, paid nearly a million dead and hundreds of thousands of wounded and disabled in an ethnic confrontation between the Hutu and Tutsi tribes, in which barbarism and brutality appeared in its worst forms. Invite the ethnicities and bring them together under the law and order!! Under such terms and names, religious and national values ​​hide, and the values ​​of nobility, morals, and all the good qualities within the human psyche disappear for many. Such names and terms.

At times, if a person has partial damage to the retina, the doctor may advise him to wear black glasses to temporarily block sunlight for the sake of interest so as not to damage the retina completely.

Bear partial damage in order to avoid total damage.. There are religious and national constants among the people of Yemen, which are the criterion by which the evaluation should be carried out according to the conformity of actions to words, not that the evaluation is done according to race or geography. Oh God, protect Yemen with your protection and include it with your care. Some may not like it when they think with their emotions, not with their minds, as a result of many factors, but this is what I owe God and I think is for the benefit of my country and its future.

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