Soon .. the match between Yemen and Kuwait in the Asian Youth Cup (carrier channels)


The Yemeni youth team will meet in its first match in the West Asian Youth Championship 2021 with its counterpart Kuwait this evening, Monday, in the first group matches of the tournament currently being held in Iraq.

The match of our country’s national team, which will be held in the Iraqi city of Basra within the West Asian Football Championship, will be held with its Kuwaiti counterpart on Monday 22/11/2021 at exactly eight o’clock in the evening Sana’a time, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Qatar, and at nine in the evening Emirates time.

Fans will be able to watch the matches of the West Asian Youth Championship 2021 through several open channels, as the channels that carry the Yemen-Kuwait youth match directly will be Al-Iraqiya Sports HD, Dubai Sports, and LBC, as well as on two TV networks.

Today’s match is the first match of the Yemeni team in the West Asian Youth Championship 2021, where its fans hope that the young red team will present good performances and results. The Kuwaiti team played in the last round against the stadium owner and the Iraqi team, the date of the Yemen-Kuwait youth match at the following times:

It is noteworthy that the first group includes, in addition to Kuwait and Yemen, the teams of Iraq, Bahrain and Palestine.

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