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Human rights issues remained a global affair undertaken by a number of major countries that were able to rid their imperial and pre-imperial history of human rights violations, both internally and externally.

Its salvation from that history was the fruit of arduous and costly struggles led by advocates of equality and human rights and other thinkers and militants who enriched human thought with the values ​​of truth, justice, equality and coexistence, rejecting racial and ethnic persecution, and upholding the human right to freedom, work and protection from persecution because of opinion, political position or gender Or color or religion.

There has always been a necessity to keep human rights issues away from global conflicts and political calculations of different countries, so that they are not employed in a wrong or selective manner that would make them lose their value in protecting human values ​​from encroachment.

Nevertheless, there have been serious cases of confusion that almost made it a tool for pressure, or to discipline parties because of situations that have nothing to do with human rights. This was, in many cases, an attempt to link political attitudes towards certain countries to hardened or fabricated versions of human rights issues, in a way that seemed to be a compromise that must be accepted.

Just as that country has fought hard struggles for salvation and turning the page on the past, it is currently required not to allow its struggle to be distorted on this path by allowing the use of human rights files for political purposes.

Its mission lies in adhering to firm rules that avoid selectivity that security and political agencies and various groups may resort to for the purposes of weakening their credibility regarding these thorny files that need to isolate the political position from the content of the file in order to be fair and inspiring towards more protection of human rights in the world.

The vote that took place a few days ago in the Human Rights Council in Geneva regarding the reappointment of the panel of experts on Yemen, and the major countries in particular, alerted that there is an urgent need for reforms that go beyond the political suspicions attached to human rights mechanisms that greatly affect the objective assessment. . This must be taken as a warning that silence in such cases may result in severe damage to issues that are among the most important needs of contemporary man to achieve justice, and to avoid the acidity attached to narcissus.

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