STC announces military alert in Aden and accuses two Yemeni sides of being behind the bloody explosion


Today, Saturday, the Southern Transitional Council accused two Yemeni forces of being behind the bombing of the interim capital, Aden (southern of the country), which killed nearly 12 civilians and wounded a number of others.
In a statement published on the Southern Transitional Council website, Al Kathiri said that terrorist cells backed by the “Houthis and the Brotherhood” carried out the bloody bombing.
Al Kathiri called on the STC armed forces to raise their readiness and mobilization and to redouble their efforts to “cut off those terrorist cells supported by the Houthis and the Brotherhood and to continue the war to purify the south of its oppression and criminality,” he said.

He added, “These condemned terrorist acts and those behind them confirm that the war of booby-traps has become the last weapon of the dark forces in their attempts to overthrow Aden and the south in general, after their military conquests and wars of services failed to achieve those diabolical goals,” referring to the National Army forces and the Houthi terrorist militia.

Al-Kathiri promised those parties that they would receive a deterrent punishment, uprooting the dead, and purifying the “land of the south.”

Twelve civilians were killed and others were injured in a bloody terrorist explosion of a car bomb, in front of the outer gate of Aden International Airport.

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