Stop this nonsense!!


There is no ugliness and atrocity comparable to the crime of burning a displaced person’s tent or insulting human dignity. O these people, look for your desire in the identities of politicians, from the inhabitants of palaces and not graves, as these are the ones who plan, execute and finance assassinations and terrorism..

Stop your hands from insulting the simple displaced and the homeless, and provide them with a safe place, relieve them of the tragedy, your actions are a sign of your nobility and the justice of your cause..

Stop justifying these violations. If they are found, they should be condemned and denounced. There is no difference here between Aden, Sana’a, Taiz, Ma’rib, Shabwa, Al Dhale’, Abyan, and so on.

Enough of lies, misinformation, racism and hatred, as these practices are not done by any human being together. It does not establish a homeland or embody justice, for all of them are crimes that require condemnation, rejection and punishment, not pride and pride, as every stupid and ignorant fanatic does.

Burning a displaced person’s tent or insulting a person’s dignity is much worse than a war crime, for the war, even if it is prolonged, will end one day, while the tampering with the human soul and dignity remains and lasts, and it will not die or be forgiven by its owner..

I want, for once, to prosecute the thieves, and to punish the murderers, the dealers of currency and arms, who have turned our lives into fear, terror, terror, darkness, hunger and epidemics of disease. lies..

Damn you if you don’t! Woe to you if you don’t stop these shameful and shameful acts! And damn you if you do not win for truth, religion, justice, dignity and humanity!!!!

Who kills you there in a safe place? Who is terrorizing your children and your women, not the one who is displaced or looking for a livelihood? Whoever betrays you, you know them, just as you know who recruits, finances and executes.

Whoever tells you that terrorism will stop and that the killing comes from the camps and among the displaced and displaced, that is the most dangerous and insidious mentality, and will inevitably bring you shame and disgrace..

By this you are pouring oil into the fire, opening hell on yourselves while you do not know, stirring up the world and terrifying it with the behavior of your fools, and then you will lose everything, the homeland, morals and the cause..

Oh God, I have reached .. Oh God, I bear witness

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