Sudden health of “Hadi” after the legendary steadfastness of Marib in the face of the Houthis, and “Al-Arada” reassures everyone


The President of the Republic, Abd Rabbo Mansour Hadi, praised, this evening, Tuesday, the legendary steadfastness of the Marib Governorate in the face of the barbarism of the Houthis, in two surprising statements after several calls to support the governorate and mobilize all fronts, and the abolition of Stockholm.

In a telephone conversation with the governor of Marib, Major General Sultan al-Arada, he said, “Marib’s legendary steadfastness in the face of the barbarism of Iran’s Houthi coup militia has set an example for patriotism, valor and redemption.”

He expressed his admiration for “its steadfastness and legendary defense of land and honor in the face of Iran’s weapons and missiles, which bombard and besiege the city and kill the displaced and the innocent for days, months and years.”

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