Surprising result…..!!


Al-Houthi tells his followers that the issue of the fall of Ma’rib in their hands is a matter of time, and Muhammad al-Bakhiti is agonizing over it.

The sudden withdrawal of forces affiliated with Yemeni legitimacy from the coast of Hodeidah increased the euphoria of the Houthis, and their morale increased, convincing them that beyond Ma’rib, complete control of Yemen would be complete.

On the other side, Marib, they are telling lies. According to official confessions by the Houthi militia, 15,000 people died in losing battles against the National Army forces and the valiant tribes of Marib, and behind them, the Yemenis at home and abroad.

It is worth noting, that it did not occur to the Houthi militias that the liberation of Hays and the advance towards Jabal Ras and the Al-Aden and Al-Jarrahi junction and the liberation of large areas in Maqbna

It is unfortunate that parties have cracked our heads. Why are the forces in the coast not moving to relieve the pressure on Marib?… Today they are crowing in their media, why are those forces moving at this particular time….!!

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