Suspension of studies at Hadhramout University for this reason (document)


The Administrative Board of the Union of Faculty Members and Their Assistants at the University of Hadhramaut announced the immediate suspension of teaching in the university’s faculties, against the background of the dose of new oil derivatives and the deterioration of living conditions, which cast a shadow over the conditions of students.

In a statement, the “Yemeni Scene” obtained a copy of it, and the authority set next Sunday, October 31, the date of stopping teaching.

Below is the text of the statement…

In the name of God, the most gracious, the most merciful

* Syndicate Statement No. 4 *

The Administrative Board of the Syndicate of Faculty Members and Their Assistants at the University of Hadhramaut has followed up the rapid developments taking place in Hadhramaut Governorate, after the deadly dose of the price of oil derivatives that cast a shadow over all aspects of life, especially the economic and educational, and the accompanying chaos, riots and road blocks, not to mention the continuous collapse of the national currency against The foreign currencies that brought the country and the people to the brink of the abyss, and the life of the citizen was at stake in the shadow of silence and flight from the Arab coalition, the presidency and the government, and with ease giving up their real role in controlling what could be controlled and not fulfilling their roles with honesty and credibility in front of this tampering with the life of the citizen and leaving the country wide To the merchants, the war mafias and the influential, and letting the citizen face his own fate, not to mention the negative role of civil society organizations and the workers’ unions of the Republic, Hadhramaut branch, to assume their responsibilities at this difficult and complex time.

Sensing the seriousness of the situation and based on the priorities of our tasks in light of everyone’s silence, the administrative body and the heads of the union committees in the faculties held a joint meeting on Thursday, October 28, 2021 AD to discuss the accelerating developments, especially with regard to the educational process after the significant increase in the price of oil derivatives, which led to the suspension of the educational process at the university due to the inability to Students, professors, and staff have access to their colleges, in light of difficult economic conditions and very low salaries. The meeting resulted in the following decisions and recommendations:

1. Immediate cessation of teaching in all faculties of Hadhramaut University as of Sunday, October 31, 2021 AD until the university leadership and the local authority in the governorate put in place solutions and appropriate measures for the proper and safe conduct of the educational process in a manner that ensures the development of practical solutions for the access of professors and students to their faculties under the financial circumstances Unbearable for everyone.

2. We assure all our male and female students and their parents that we will be of help and support for them and we will do everything we can, to overcome this difficult stage to get out together to safety

3. Calling upon the university leadership, the staff union and the student union to assume the historical responsibility, establish the pillars of social peace, and preserve the university and its properties.

4. Calling the unions of utilities, government institutions, civil society organizations, and all components of the Hadrami society to move quickly and form a single working group in the governorate. We in the union of faculty members and their assistants at the University of Hadhramaut are ready to take the lead in preserving the public system from collapse and demanding our lost rights.

5. Calling the unions of Yemeni universities for the second time to unite, move quickly, and demand rights, especially raising meager salaries, which no longer meet the most basic requirements of life and a decent living.

6. Calling on the Arab Alliance, the Presidency of the Republic and the government to move quickly to support and strengthen the national currency, the foundation and basis for life in its daily form, and to move immediately to support oil derivatives and increase salaries. The situation got out of control as everyone tolerated enough to reach the red lines that cannot be silenced.

7. The administrative board and the heads of the union committees in the faculties remain in a continuous session to assess the situation on a regular basis and take what it deems appropriate.

Issued by the Administrative Board of the Syndicate of Faculty Members and Their Assistants at Hadhramout University

Heads of trade union committees in colleges

Thursday 10/28/2021 AD

Hadramout – Mukalla

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