Taiz .. massacres of poverty


If you get hungry at the end of the night, you need more than five thousand to go out and eat the buffet
If you pass in the street and an egg has fallen out of a potato rug, then the grain is two hundred Yemeni riyals, by God!
You send someone to bring lunch and say to him: Take two sahawks with cheese, so imagine how much they are worth? Two thousand Yemeni riyals, the price of Al-Sahawq only, and the rest of the lunch will be how much it will be, to an extent that is not acceptable to any concept.

Bread for a thousand riyals is not enough for you and your companion to eat one meal, so suppose that you are ten, and you have a house full of children, parents, relatives, and acquaintances, how much bread will you need, with ten thousand a little less!
The Khmer was the morning of the destitute. A cup of tea on the sidewalk costs fifty riyals, and five Khmer pies cost one hundred riyals, which is the students’ breakfast and you get high and do your work, but now come and try your luck, for tea costs two hundred riyals, and five pancakes are seven hundred Yemeni riyals. Imagine this massacre, man!

A dead street, hungry, incredibly, the people with a double, you need, if you are with him, four doubles, and their price is four thousand riyals.

Something beyond imagination, of mass slaughter, and insane prices, as you pass the same street in your eyes, thousands of banks, more money banks than groceries, more than street stalls

I am crazy about students, university students in the city of Taiz, and I remember in 2010 and 2012 studying in Taiz, and my spending was a thousand riyals. It was enough for me in Taiz to go and come, qat and some food, we studied!

What is the trick of the students now?

This is a call, and let it be begging, to the men of money, business, financial houses in Taiz, and public, private and partisan institutions. What if you provide this city with student housing that will provide housing, food and drink for students, and you will enter Heaven, by God, by God

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