Taiz .. mdf is implementing a solar energy project for the displaced people of Al-Dumereh camp in the district of Mawza


With the financing of the Selah Foundation for Development and in coordination with the Shelter Cluster and the Executive Unit in the governorate, the Ma’akum Developmental Foundation (mdf) implemented a project to provide the displaced people of Al-Dumeera camp in the district of Mawza with solar energy systems..

The project aims to provide appropriate and safe protection for the displaced in the camp, especially the protection of children and women, who may be exposed to many dangers as a result of the darkness. It also contributes to helping the camp residents manage their lives.

The project also aims to enhance resilience in the Yemeni countryside and in the most vulnerable areas and in need of low-cost energy sources in the Dumayra camp for the displaced in the isolation of Al Hamli, Mawza district, which is inhabited by (345) families..

The project includes distributing batteries and photovoltaic panels, connecting networks, and installing lamps and switches inside the tents and in the alleys of the camp.
Miniature solar systems provide an alternative and renewable source of energy that provides rural families with a low-cost, uninterrupted source of electricity for long hours.

The Director of the Executive Unit, Brother Hassan Al-Khalidi, confirmed that there are (11) camps that still need a lighting project to alleviate the suffering of the residents, namely Al-Rajhi camp, Manaqil camp, Al-Rawda camp, Al-Najd camp, Al-Rubaiq camp, Al-Munij camp, Al-Rahba camp, Al-Hajeb camp, Al-Hajji camp, Al-Hasbri camp, and Wadi Al-Shat camp.

The Foundation calls on all organizations to respond to the distress call, especially in light of the new displacement movement from the Hodeidah areas, which amounted to 280 families in Mocha and 48 families in the Al-Shamaytayn district.

In turn, the Executive Director of Ma’akum Developmental Foundation mdf, Brother Yasser Fetini, confirmed that this project will provide a permanent source of energy and lighting inside the camp, preserve their properties from intruders in the dark into the camp, and alleviate their continuing suffering under these difficult conditions.
The Executive Director of mdf thanked the Selah Foundation for Development for its funding of this project, which comes in strengthening the partnership between Selah for Development and mdf and coordinating efforts within the framework of the humanitarian response plan to alleviate the suffering of displaced families in the most affected areas in Taiz Governorate..

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