Tariq Saleh and the virtues of Hamid al-Din’s house!


Brigadier-General Tariq Saleh appeared again from Tihama, in which he talks about the virtues of Hamid al-Din’s house and their Yemen in the context of a public talk about Yemeni identity!!

The positive intentions that sometimes appear on the part of Tariq or other than Tariq towards the Imamate is a true expression of the thinking and convictions of the faces that present themselves as national fronts, and sometimes even reckless to talk about the “Yemeni identity”.

There is no justification or logical explanation for this absurdity, except that some people, no matter how much they try to act or pretend, cannot overcome the deposits of al-Akfi inside them!.

The house of Hamid al-Din, Tariq, is a dynastic system, a religious political system, and a predatory rule theory that was launched to bring down the greatest revolution in history, and the provocative talk about their advantages is an outright attack and a direct and brazen insult to all the September revolutionaries and trampled on the blood of the martyrs of the pure national movement.

The Houthi gang that claims today that you derive your legitimacy from opposing it is nothing but a bad version and evaporating waste of the Hamid al-Din House regime and a miserable version of the versions of the priestly Imamate and the racist Hashemite dynasty that began with the antichrist.

Yesterday, you apologized to the Houthis themselves, and you shared with them every fault against our oppressed people. Today, when you wanted to express your pain from them, you did not find a way other than to give the Hamid al-Din virtues that distinguish them from them. You even spoke of them as Yemenis while you were talking about the Yemeni identity!!.

What makes you give the Hamid Al-Din family these provocative advantages?

Yes, the Houthis killed your uncle and arrested your brother and your son. We are well aware of that and they have suffered as much as they have hurt you. They did that after you made a disgraceful alliance with them and fought your people with them. You even apologized for the state’s wars against them and your uncle – may God have mercy on him – considered them to be just administrative problems!!.

The same Houthis, Tariq, killed our uncles and brothers, and our brothers are also in their prisons. They did to us many times what they did to you, and unfortunately you joined them against us.

But we did not and will not reach the ugliness of us to award the house of Hamid al-Din the instrument of innocence or the Yemeni identity medal.

The Houthis killed my brother, 12 heroes of my best relatives, the youth of my family, hundreds of my friends and tens of thousands of the pure sons of Yemen. The first of them was martyred in the first Maran war.

Do you remember your colleague or your former commander, the martyr Brigadier General Ahmed Musaed, a saying, Tariq? On the day of his funeral, a heroic martyr we mourned next to him, one of the finest, purest and most honest young men of our family, and that our martyr was neither the first nor the last.

And you know for sure that the blood of tens of thousands of Yemenis that were shed and their lives that the Houthis have taken since 2004 AD were not defending personal interests or threatened wealth and treasures or dreaming of reaching or regaining power, but rather they sacrificed their lives in defense of their dream republic, because the regime of Hamid al-Din’s house that the republic toppled was Ugly, and Houthi attempts to bring him back are terrifying!

The blood of our loved ones and our knights is very precious, and a drop of the blood of my brother, the martyr Omar, is not equal to the treasures of the world, but the pure blood and soul of my brother and his companions are not more precious than the souls of the martyrs of 48, 55, 59, 61, the September revolution, the six wars of Saada, the wars to overthrow Hajour, Al-Jawf, Hashed, Amran, Sana’a, Al-Radmah, Al-Bayda, Marib, Aden, and all the rounds of conflict with the front.

Do you think that the blood of your uncle or the incident of capturing your son is more important and more precious than the blood of Ali Abdul-Mughni, Jamal Jamil, Abdul-Wahhab Noaman, Lakiya, Al-Olafi, Ahmed Al-Thalaya, Al-Haresh, Al-Masmari, and hundreds of thousands who were annihilated by the swords of Hamid Al-Din’s house?!

These repeated failures confirm that your war and your problem are motivated by personal and narcissistic motives, not similar to the problem of Yemenis with the Imamate.

Our battle with the Imamate requires the clarity of its nature and its precise definition by all its affiliates and all our people.

Your people to whom you returned after a bitter experience, and your comrades-in-arms with whom you joined after years, when you realized that there is no life or dignity for Yemenis except by walking on their path.

I am one of the Yemenis who repeat at every opportunity the importance of reconciliation with you and uniting efforts in the face of the Imamate and forgetting the political rivalries and the illusions of discord that the dynasty planted. To some, but such a disaster in discourse and thinking cannot be tolerated.

God help.

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