“Tariq Saleh” causes a sudden collapse in Saada


Today, Thursday, local sources reported a sudden collapse of construction works and a decline in commercial businesses in Saada Governorate.
The sources told Al-Mashhad Al-Yemeni that the control of the joint forces, including the Guards of the Republic, led by Brigadier General Tariq Muhammad Abdullah Saleh, over the customs port of Saqm in the Hays district, caused a comprehensive siege in Saada, and led to a crazy rise in food prices. Especially the flour, in which the bag amounted to 40,000 thousand Yemeni riyals.
The sources indicated that this caused the suspension of all construction and building works, and hundreds of businesses stopped their work.
Dr. Moeen Abdul-Malik, Prime Minister, had said that restoring the initiative in the military scene, as in the West Coast and Hodeidah, “had a positive impact” on all levels, including the economic aspect.
At the beginning of the cabinet meeting held in the temporary capital, Aden, yesterday, Wednesday, Abdul-Malik touched on the initiative of the joint forces in Hodeidah and Taiz and the achievement of important field advances there.
He pointed out that the tangible improvement on the military side and the rebalancing of the field situation in Marib and the advances made in liberating the joint forces and important areas in the south of Hodeidah and west of Taiz and on the administrative borders with Ibb governorate.
The Prime Minister stressed that restoring the initiative in the military scene will reflect positively on all levels, including the economic aspect, and support the government’s efforts to stop the deterioration and control the prices of goods and the exchange rate of the national currency.

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