Tariq Saleh confirms the arrival of 300 foreign experts to Yemen and the arrest of a ship in the port of Hodeidah


Brigadier-General Tariq Saleh, commander of the so-called National Resistance, revealed that there are more than 300 experts of the Lebanese Hezbollah militia in Sanaa, to train the Houthi militia.

During his speech in front of a new batch of his forces, Tariq indicated that the military ships that were detained in the port of Hodeidah in the early days of the coup were loaded with Igla-S and Kornet missiles.

He said that Iran prepared and mobilized for this battle and dragged the region and its countries into war… Noting that Iran and the Houthi militia are trying to turn the wheel of history back after their dreams were destroyed by the September 26 revolution.

Tariq called for unifying the ranks to resist the Houthis and restore Sanaa, and to stay away from the minor side battles, stressing that the Houthis are seeking to control Yemen from one end to the other.

He warned of the Houthi scheme to destroy every inch of Yemen, noting that the Houthi militia will not leave a specific group, city or region, and he has a ready-made project that came from Tehran and is supported by the so-called “axis of resistance”, stressing that caution should be taken against Houthi attempts to dismantle the ranks. The honorable and heroes of the National Army, saying: “Al-Houthi is offering a false and false initiative to the people of Ma’rib to disrupt the ranks of the National Army and the Ma’rib tribes, which killed the largest number of Houthi leaders and destroyed his dreams on its walls.”

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