Tariq Saleh was not aware of the decision to withdraw from Hodeidah!!


Despite the great sacrifices and the pure blood shed by loyal men in the battles of the West Coast when it was liberated and on all the fronts of Yemen, the fact that this battle is linked to the brothers in funding and armament makes everything collapse at a moment of change in the luxurious mood of the Gulf that restores “positioning” from time to time for reasons that may seem absurd to us. and illogical.

The last withdrawal “positioning”, and although Tariq was in front of him, he may have been known as any of the followers and he may have known before the followers with a small time difference, and the apparent confusion that appeared to his close associates and media crew on the first day was clear evidence of this hypothesis, then they were confused Between the denial of the withdrawal and the assertion that there are directives for the brigades to return and that the directions were issued by an unknown party, then they positioned themselves the next day and returned to formulating narratives trying to present this withdrawal as a national action and an unprecedented achievement in order to reset the battle and they went to hold the government, whose legitimacy they do not recognize, the responsibility for this withdrawal. As it signed the Stockholm Agreement and restricted forces there.

In fact, the withdrawal actually began at the beginning of last October, when Emirati directives were issued to withdraw the brigades that follow Tariq, “Tahami Brigades, and Republican Guards” to withdraw from the sites in the south of the city of Hodeidah and hand them over to the forces of Haitham Qassem, “who works as a contractor in the UAE among a group of leaders I created to bomb the arena.” Yemen and a seed for its new, old goal in dividing Yemen.

Directing Tariq’s forces to the districts of Al-Wazi’ah and Mawza and handing over the contact sites in southern Hodeidah to Haitham’s forces had only one meaning, which is the prelude to the withdrawal step that was implemented yesterday, and handing over those areas to the Houthi militia.

Did the recent “positioning” of the UAE to Iran, which included Abdullah bin Zayed’s visit to Bashar al-Assad, necessitate this step as an Emirati gift to Iran and to prove its sincerity of loyalty to it? This possibility is very likely.

Is there a Gulf decision to withdraw from the war in Yemen and close this Yemen, and therefore this calls for completing the handover of the north to the Houthis, or enabling the Houthis to control the north and handing the south over to the Transitional Council, “the separatists backed by the Emirates”? long time.

There was always a question among Yemenis why the brothers in the coalition did not support an official army affiliated with the Ministry of Defense and the General Staff and working within a single operations room.. The answer is what you see in Yemen and what you saw yesterday is that the regular army will not withdraw except under the directives of its leadership in the Ministry of Defense and the General Staff, while the formations Armed or what may be called metaphorically “armies” that operate in the contracting system can easily be directed without the need to go through any hierarchy or understandings with an official who may adhere to his national agenda.

Tariq would not have refused an Emirati directive to withdraw, nor would Haitham Qassem think of that because he believed that he had come to fight with the Emirates in a brotherly country that is not his country like any companies that provide service of hiring fighters, with our appreciation for the many individuals who fight with conviction and belief in the ranks of all formations. We are talking here about the leaders and the idea of ​​forming these forces as cantons outside the official military system.

Legitimacy is despicable, ineffective, and surrenders to others. Therefore, I learned of this withdrawal, after most Yemenis, of this withdrawal, because it did not exist and was not keen to be present in this geographical area located on the international waterway that the UAE received to provide services to countries interested in the Red Sea.

Even after the knowledge of legitimacy, it is paralyzed and unable to capture the rejection of leaders and military units who are the sons of the land and who are eager to confront the Houthis and support them, to enable them to regain the initiative and turn the table away from regional “positions.” Rather, it lost even the ability to provide support because it abandoned this mission a long time ago and is now unable to communicate with any country to buy weapons or ammunition unless Saudi Arabia agrees to that, and this is what actually happened in the recent moves of the Minister of Defense, who despite obtaining approval from countries Sister, to provide support with ammunition and weapons, but the neighbors were quick to stop these movements, as the Yemeni government is a minor and cannot appreciate its interest.

Turning what happened into a field of rivalries does not serve the main battle that has nothing to do with the agendas of the brothers, and comparing this withdrawal with previous defeats that the National Army has suffered on more than one front is illogical and aims only to whitewash this scandal and try to say that what happened today can be recorded in the list Before it, defeat is a matter in battles and withdrawals are possible when there is an attack that you cannot repel, but to wake up in the morning and go to withdraw your equipment and personnel without even a stray dog ​​attacking you. .

Among the funny justifications is that this withdrawal comes within the implementation of the Stockholm Agreement, which was signed with a Saudi desire and decision three years ago, according to which the battle of Hodeidah was halted. This agreement ended with death, then the agreement stipulates the evacuation of five kilometers on both sides of the positions of the forces, not 100 kilometers, then it is done by both parties and under the supervision of the United Nations, which also said that it was not notified of the withdrawal step and seemed surprised as well, and the Governmental Coordination Committee concerned with following up the implementation of the agreement Stockholm said she knew nothing.

In conclusion, we will not be victorious except with a national agenda after we reduce the commitments and agendas of the brothers, which with the passage of days it became clear that they cannot meet our national agenda represented in confronting the “imamate” as a project against humanity and dignity, and this does not concern brothers in any way.

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