Tawakkol Karman’s first response to the news of her expulsion from Turkey


Yemeni activist, Nobel Peace Prize laureate, Tawakkol Karman, responded to news of her expulsion from Turkey or any political activist residing there.

Karman denied, in a statement published by her affiliated Belqis channel, “the existence of any Turkish pressure on her, stressing that she has not received any news that the Turkish government has asked any Yemeni activist to leave.”

“The reports, which speak of pressure, are just baseless rumours,” she said.

She added, “Turkey’s relationship with the UAE is a matter specific to Turkey, and does not affect its position against the UAE, which is based on Abu Dhabi’s repressive policies and crimes in Yemen and the region, and its support for counter-revolutions.”

She stressed, “This position is never affected by the UAE’s relations with Turkey, negatively or positively,” as she put it.

Local and Gulf media had said that Turkey had asked leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood in Yemen to leave its lands, and indicated that “Kerman” had decided to leave for America.

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