Terrorism of Aden and the departure of the Prime Minister!!


An hour after the terrorist explosion that targeted the governor of Aden, the prime minister of the recovery year headed to Cairo…because he was sure that he and his government did not represent a national, moral, or political value on the ground.

But before leaving, he directed the competent authorities (to conduct an urgent investigation into the circumstances of this cowardly terrorist operation, and to strengthen security vigilance to miss the opportunity for everyone who targets the security and stability of Aden..).

Similarly, there are those who travel to attend the Conference of Non-Aligned Countries, which has become an illusion.. Others attend a climate conference.. The issue is nothing more than a picnic and a travel allowance.

I don’t know how to describe these beings!

* * *

Interviews, statements and statements that officials flood us with do not change their dull vocabulary.

They assume in the citizen that they share the chronic naivety that they enjoy, so they continue to tell their lies and falsify reality.

Talking about fighting corruption and forming committees to investigate is contempt and disdain for people.

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