That you understand.. that’s the case!


Saudi Arabia’s rapprochement with Qatar angered the Emirates, which explains the madness of the revenge activity that afflicted the Emirates weeks ago!
Anger increased with the return of Cairo to Doha! And an angry, urgent, and dangerous Emirati reaction had to be taken!:
The UAE suddenly withdrew from the important Yemeni city of Hodeidah in the south, after which the Houthis crawled within hours towards the outskirts of the strategic Bab al-Mandab Strait!
The UAE’s decision surprised Saudi Arabia, the Yemeni government, the United Nations and Egypt, which are closely watching what is happening! Indeed, the decision surprised even the Sahel army itself and its leadership, which was unable to convince the individuals and officers of a valid reason to withdraw!
The strange withdrawal was a heavy blow for Saudi Arabia and Egypt, but it is a stab for Yemen!
Playing the Yemeni card even with the negative!
The UAE says, “I will respond with what you do not expect!”

In parallel with the UAE’s decision to withdraw from Hodeidah to the Houthis towards Bab al-Mandab, the waves of the Red Sea were burning with the fire of a major military maneuver between the Emirates and Israel!

Egypt had not woken up from the setback of the Emirati withdrawal from Hodeidah until it was struck by the stab of betrayal by maneuvers with Israel in the Red Sea!
The children have grown up and grown up!

Suddenly, the UAE Foreign Minister arrives in Damascus a few days ago
Yesterday, Sheikh Muhammad arrived in Turkey
“Brotherhood Turkey, according to UAE media, for years!”
The Emirates say to Saudi Arabia and Egypt, angrily that is closer to foolishness, “I will turn the tables… and you will see!”

The Emirates floundered within days like a possessed man between the Houthis, Israel, Turkey and Iran!
And today, with the vortex of Ethiopia, which does not lack madness
And all because of Qatar and what the UAE believes are Qatari successes, from Afghanistan to the island to organizing the World Cup!
We know that envy kills its owner.. this is at the level of individuals
But for envy to become a psychological energy for a state and a reason for its strange contradictions and movement, this has not happened in history!

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