The actual ruler of Sana’a, “Erlo”, enters the line of the “Qardahi” crisis and provokes the Yemenis again


Iran’s ambassador to the Houthi militia, Hassan Erlo, commented on the Lebanese crisis, sparked by Information Minister George Kordahi, because of his statements about the war in Yemen.

Erlo said, in a tweet to him on Twitter: “Greetings to all the positions announced by the free people of the world towards the aggression against the oppressed Yemeni people for seven years.”

Erlo concluded his tweet with the hashtag: “Yes, George Qardahi, the Yemen war is absurd.”

The Iranian ambassador to the militias has sparked widespread anger among the Yemenis, as he deliberately appears as a spokesman for Yemen, and acts as the de facto ruler of Sanaa, in light of the militias continuing their bidding in the name of sovereignty, commentators say.

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