The actual ruler of Sanaa imposes new Houthi leaders to control Marib (the names)


Informed sources revealed Houthi changes in the management of the Marib battle, and the appointment of a new leadership by the Iranian ambassador to the Houthi militia, Hassan Erlo.

Western sources said that the Houthi militia has appointed a new military command to control the strategic Marib, after all its attempts two years ago failed.

The sources pointed out that “Al-Houthi is preparing under the leadership of intelligence commander Abu Ali Al-Hakim to ensure the penetration of local tribal groups in the city, and is pushing his forces to deploy them from Hodeidah to Marib to prepare to strengthen strong defenses.”

The sources added: “Despite reports of corpses being piled up in Sana’a hospitals, the Houthis are determined to open the strategic city of Marib, where clashes with loyalists of President Mansour Hadi are raging, and loyalists to Tehran are reorganizing their new leadership under the supervision of the Iranian ambassador in Sanaa, Hassan Erlo, the leader. in the Pasdaran.

The sources confirmed that “Erlo appointed a tripartite command to supervise the battle, and it consists of Muhammad Abdul-Karim Al-Ghamry, as the chief of staff, Youssef Al-Madani, who is close to the leaders of the Houthi narrow circle, and Abdul-Malik Al-Houthi as the commander-in-chief of the fifth military region, including Hodeidah, after the coalition withdrew from it.” And with the support of my intelligence from Abu Ali Al-Hakim.”

By next December, the battle of Marib will enter the eleventh month in a row, as the Houthi militia launched a fierce campaign to attack Marib, during which it lost more than 14,000 people, according to a French agency.

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