The Aden bombing was a cover-up for Houthi crimes


The heinous crime of bombing that targeted the governor of Aden, Professor Hamed Lamlas and the Minister of Agriculture, and claimed the lives of a number of cadres, security men and civilians, and the destruction of citizens’ homes this morning in the city of Aden. It is an extension of a scheme that has many tools and one goal.

The scheme is to cover up the Houthi war crimes, and to deliver wrong messages to the world regarding the fallacies Al-Houthi broadcasts about his war with terrorism in the liberated areas, and it was found in Aden, as the temporary capital, the place where its messages could reach the whole world.

As for the tools that are used to implement this criminal scheme, they are the same tools that have taken this path since the dawn of unity, in operations that have not stopped since that date, with the change of policy color, the content of the fatwa and the personality of the executor.

Since Iran infiltrated this terrorist system in the nineties of the last century, and reconstructed its intellectual and political bases with which it secures the employment of a large part of it, Yemen has become a hotbed for serving actions that benefit the Houthis in his war on Yemen.

Evidence abound for this fact. And we will suffice with this now, hoping to hear the voices that have long incited violence to put themselves out of this ambiguous course of the catastrophe of servers.

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