The alarming large number of Houthi deaths tells us many things


About fifteen thousand people were killed by the Houthis, who were pushed to the inferno of the Ma’rib fronts in recent months. Fifteen thousand Yemenis went to their deaths in order for Al-Houthi to be a master over them and their families! Fifteen thousand Yemeni homes lost one of his sons within months. Al Houthi drove them to the yard to position his ass on the corner of Yemen for an eternity to come!
Harmful is death even when it presents an inspiring example of how the redemption of great values ​​is, so how is it such a shameful death, a death for the sake of guaranteeing slavery?!
This kind of decadent redemption, the redemption of slavery, is the shameful aspect of every battle that mankind has fought since the birth of creation. It is one of the biggest indications that a person can fall without a bottom, deviate from his humanity without being held accountable, and urinate on his mind and soul until he sacrifices himself to a monster like Abd al-Houthi!
Of course, not all those Houthis bring to the battlefronts embrace his distorted idea, but many other factors intervene, including the misery of the economic situation and the resulting complications at the social level, and also that the enemies of this country have become many and that the matter has confused many young people, so they do not realize Exactly in which row should they stand.
However, whatever the motives and the rationale, this does not cancel the fact that Al-Houthi paid only fifteen thousand Yemeni human sacrifices to the Marib fronts within a few months. This alarmingly large number tells us many things, including:
First, Al-Houthi no longer deals with the Yemenis under his authority, except as a piece of baggage, as things he inherited from his father from his grandfather.
Secondly, Marib is indeed, in everyone’s minds, the measure of victory and defeat, and that it has made a legendary effort in defending itself and the Republic, and that the breakthroughs that occurred on certain fronts were not due to the inaction of the republican forces, but rather because of the fact that Iran and the Houthis had mobilized to its fronts. More than any sane person could imagine.
Thirdly, the fall of Ma’rib is impossible and that the result of all this waste in which Al-Houthi was involved will be nothing but his rapid decay and his inability to withstand since the first wave of restoration by the National Army and the popular resistance, as he has completely consumed himself.
Fourth, that there is complicity from all external forces in draining our Yemeni people to the limit, and that confronting and dealing with this complicity is the first national duty of the original Yemenis.
Fifthly, the amount of grief that Al-Houthi has distributed to the homes of Yemenis within his control in recent months is sufficient for the next thousand years.

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