The apparent variables and the interest of Yemen


In the custom of mercenaries, no voice is louder than the ringing of dirhams for a homeland, no religion, or values, so you can see them justifying every step taken by the financier and the supporter as long as the money is running and in hard currency, even if they give away everything, even their family and their country..

And in the reality of the worst government known to the history of Yemen, they do not care that international positions change or opportunities become available to do something that can save the people, as long as the enrichment that takes place on the hearing and sight of everyone continues and they do not fear accountability for the security of the responsible authorities or the crushed people..

We hope that everyone will realize through the changes that appear to them now that Yemen’s interest is not bound by fighting a certain creed or group such as the Muslim Brotherhood or a country such as Qatar or Turkey, but rather Yemen’s interest in having a strong national government that has a clear vision towards its homeland and what is good for it and towards others, whether enemies or friends..

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