The army announced, “a while ago”, that it launched offensive military operations against the Houthi militia


The National Army announced, on Tuesday evening, that it launched offensive operations against the Houthi coup militia on the western front in Taiz Governorate (southwest of Yemen).

The media center of the Taiz Military Axis confirmed that the National Army forces, backed by the popular resistance, continue to launch their military operations on the Houthi coup militia’s position on the western front of Taiz.

The Media Center of the Armed Forces confirmed earlier that the army forces liberated new sites from the Iranian Houthi militia in Wadi Khadran and Tabisha, west of the city of Taiz, stressing the continuation of the battles amid steady progress of the army’s heroes.

He explained that the engineering teams of the army forces began the process of clearing the liberated areas in Wadi Khadran and Tabisha, west of Taiz, of Houthi mines and securing roads to neighboring villages.

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