The Army celebrates the graduation of the seventh batch of combat skills


On Wednesday, the Tenth Border Guard Brigade celebrated the graduation of a new batch of its members (the seventh batch of combat skills).

During the event, the graduates presented military performances that reflected the high and qualitative level of training they received, and the combat skills and experience they acquired during the training period.

In turn, the Head of Border Guard Operations, Commander of the 10th Brigade, Border Guard Brigadier General Hadi Hamran Al-Jaidi, praised the combat skills presented by the graduates.

Brigadier General Al-Jaidi also praised the efforts made to raise the efficiency of personnel, in implementation of the directives of the military leadership, which gives training and rehabilitation a priority.

He emphasized moving forward in the battle to liberate Yemen from the Iranian Houthi militia, calling on the graduates of the batch to assume their responsibilities, carry out their national duties and carry out the tasks entrusted to them at any time to serve the country and secure the future of generations.

Brigadier General Al-Jaidi expressed his thanks and appreciation to the political leadership and the leadership of the Coalition to Support Legitimacy for all their support and assistance to the army in its battle against the project of terrorism and destruction led by the Iranian Houthi militia.

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