The army ends the dreams of the Houthis in the Juba district


Today, Thursday, the National Army forces, backed by the popular resistance, managed to stop the Houthi coup militia’s efforts to take control of the Al-Juba district, south of Ma’rib Governorate (east of Yemen).

Field and military sources said that government forces and tribes sent additional military reinforcements to the Al-Juba district, and were able to change the course of the battle in their favour.

The sources confirmed that the government forces were able to stop the Houthi coup militia’s incursion attempts into new areas in the Juba district.

The Houthi coup militia had taken control of some areas and villages of the Al-Juba district, while the government forces were able to reposition them in the “Abasid (Al Diab)” area, which is close to the “Al Jadeed” area, which includes the directorate’s security department.

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