The army forces hunted a “sensitive target” for the Houthi militia inside the security camp in Taiz… and the death of Al-Shami


A Houthi sniper was killed, last night, in a strike by the artillery of the National Army in Taiz.

And media sources said that the Houthi sniper Hussein al-Shami, nicknamed (Abu Fatima), was killed after a precise strike by the artillery of the National Army, last night.

The sources indicated that the army artillery targeted the Houthi sniper stationed in the Central Security Camp, which resulted in his death.

It is noteworthy that the Houthi militia resorts to using snipers to target civilians, and deliberately deploys them in seam areas in cities, in addition to planting mines, and the high number of victims of women and children throughout the year despite the cessation of fighting.

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