The army publishes heroic scenes of Houthi groups falling into its “trap” in Ma’rib Governorate (video)


The Media Center of the Armed Forces published scenes documenting the moments of Houthi groups falling into the “trap” of the National Army in Ma’rib Governorate (east of Yemen).

The video showed the moments of the National Army and the Popular Resistance forces luring Houthi groups into a tight ambush on the southern front in Marib Governorate.

The media center said that during the past hours, the army and resistance forces carried out several ambushes and detours, which ended with the death of dozens of militia members, dead and wounded, in addition to other losses in equipment.

He added that the army’s artillery launched a focused bombardment against fixed and moving targets of the enemy along the front line, inflicting heavy losses on the militia in life and equipment.

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