The arrival of huge reinforcements to two fronts in Marib, and intensive air cover of the coalition fighters.


Huge military reinforcements arrived for the army and the tribes, on the Juba and Sirwah fronts, south of Marib Governorate.

“Russia Today” quoted its sources, today, Saturday, as saying that large military reinforcements arrived in the districts of Al-Juba and Sirwah, south of Marib, to stop the Houthi militia’s progress towards the oil-rich city.

The Russian channel indicated that these reinforcements are accompanied by intense air cover for the fighters of the Arab coalition.

The sources indicated that the balance of power is tilted in favor of the army and the tribes, after the arrival of reinforcements, the repositioning of forces, and the start of a new chapter of battles.

In addition, field sources confirmed that the battles are most intense in the al-Juba front, adjacent to the city of Marib, where more than 70 Houthis were killed last night, in addition to dozens of deaths and prisoners, and huge Houthi spoils in the hands of the army and tribes.

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