The arrival of new support for the heroes of the army and the resistance in the southern front in Marib


On Sunday, the People’s Committee to Support the Defense of Marib conducted two food convoys for the heroes of the army and the popular resistance in the Harib front in the south of the province.

The convoy was received by a number of military leaders and leaders of the popular resistance on the Harib fronts, who welcomed this support, which expresses cohesion and popular support for the army and the resistance.

The head of the commission, Naji Al-Hunaishi, affirmed that the people of Marib Governorate and its residents stood by the heroes of the army and the resistance and supported them, until the Houthi clerical militia affiliated with Iran was defeated, and the entire governorate and the country were liberated from the defilement of this priestly militia.

He pointed out that this convoy is a sincere expression of the popular support for the heroes of the national army and the popular resistance, who are fighting heroic battles in the face of the arrogance of the Houthi militia and its ambition to kill and destroy… saluting them and that their massive sacrifices that they make will remain immortal in the memory of generations.

For his part, Brigadier General Akram Taha, on behalf of the front’s affiliates, thanked the efforts of the People’s Assembly to support the defense of Ma’rib, and what it is doing in supporting the heroes of the National Army and the Resistance on various fighting fronts.. He stressed that this support indicates the unity of the goal of liberating the country from the Houthi gang.

He pointed out that the convoy, and other convoys, enhance the steadfastness of the fighters on the fighting fronts, and confirm the people’s support for the heroes stationed on the fronts of pride and dignity among the army and the popular resistance in their national battle.

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