The arrival of the joint forces to a very important strategic intersection point to besiege Al-Houthi in three governorates


Tonight I am overjoyed, overflowing ecstasy ready to be distributed to the whole world. The central triangle linking Ibb, Taiz and Hodeidah, and the area through which I travel when I return to my village is called “Al Mubarraz Triangle” liberated today from the grip of the descendants of the dynasty. I was busy with something, and now I read the news, I stopped all activities and went in to celebrate.

I still remember very clearly, how a citizen of my director, and even of the same isolation, was humiliated by one of the dynasty’s gunmen in a point near this area that was liberated today, an area belonging to Jabal Ras / Hodeidah, and adjacent to the Al-Aden Ibb branch. I was watching them, feeling something torn inside me and I was unable to do anything to tell the story of the dignity of a human being trampled in front of you, because you are in front of armed men who are nervous and ready to annihilate any person who interferes to discourage them from their action.

I had previously written about the incident at the time. The citizen was a laborer selling perfumes in one of the cities and was returning to his children the day before the Eid. The gunman stopped him at a point just before the “Triangle” and asked for his card. He answered them in a bored tone and that he did not have one. Because he is moving in an area close to his village and has spent many hours traveling and exhausted, then the gunman is beating him and even three people gather around him to humiliate him with rifle butts. He was shouting: What did I do to you, let me know, and if they were to display their insults in the most vile words and bring him down to take him into custody. Armed men who came from places we do not know to our village and imposed themselves rulers on the people and messed with their fate.

Today this area in which the above citizen was subjected to humiliation was liberated.. I do not know where he is now and how many deep wounds he lives as a result of that humiliation. Thank you to the heroes, thank you to the joint forces, thank you to the Tihama brigades, and even thank you to Tariq. The liberated area is a very important strategic intersection point, through which the Houthis can be besieged in three governorates:
Jabal Ras Hays Al Jarrahi, then Al Hudaydah City.
Jabal Ras – Al-Adeen Branch – Sharaab Al-Runa, all the way to: Taiz
Jabal Ras Al-Adeen, then Ibb Governorate.

I hope the heroes do not stop, our hearts are with remove this nightmare on our chests.

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