The artist “Rania Youssef” raises controversy after revealing the content of her will and what will happen to her after death


On the sidelines of the Elham Shaheen initiative, which she spoke about, the Egyptian actress Rania Youssef stated that she will donate her organs after her death so that others can benefit.

Rania Youssef confirmed that she liked the idea, saying: “It is possible for anyone to benefit from a cornea, a heart, or even a finger, instead of what worms eat.”

Rania Youssef said that she is currently starting to write her will, which includes her affirmation to donate her body organs after her death, which has sparked controversy, especially from some militants who see it as forbidden, and as an insult to the body of the deceased.

Rania Youssef explained that she has been determined to donate her organs for a long time, and that the matter is a personal freedom, whoever likes to do it, let him do it, and whoever sees it as forbidden, let him avoid it, adding: “Everyone sleeps on the side that comforts him.”

Rania Youssef confirmed that she sees the matter as zakat, according to her personal vision and thinking, which she described as limited, perhaps, but she does it based on her feelings and thought, and in the end it is all for God.

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