The authority in the coast of Hadramout launches the sale of fish at a low cost


Today, Sunday, the local authority in the Mukalla Directorate announced the sale of fish at cost in the local market to be accessible to citizens.

This comes by determining a percentage of the fish imports from Al-Abari through the Fourth Fisheries Project to cover part of the needs of the local market.

The Director-General of Mukalla City Directorate, Engineer Saleh Al-Omari, said that this step, which was adopted and supported by the First Undersecretary of Hadhramaut, Sheikh Amr bin Habrish Al-Ali, began with holding a meeting that included the relevant authorities from the Fisheries Authority, the Hygiene and Improvement Fund and those concerned in the central fish market in Mukalla to find a mechanism to provide quantities of fish. Fish for the local market, its distribution, and the control of selling its prices.

Engineer Al-Omari indicated that this step is in the process of evaluation and expansion in the coming days to make fish beds at cost prices distributed throughout the district.

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