The battle continues…


Whoever thinks that the arrival of the Houthis to this or that region, worse with or without confrontation, has paved the way for them to achieve a great victory, is misleading himself knowingly or without it, and has fallen under the influence of the enemy’s propaganda and tools, even those cloaked in the smeared robe of legitimacy, while the clear truth is that every region or location The enemy has taken control of it, but it is fueling the fire of confrontation and adding to it influential elements that add to it and burn the ground from under the feet of the invader. Foolishness, including the leadership of military units, most of which have proven to be looting and looting of money and equipment instead of being means of combat and victory, but this does not mean that there are no power elements that are formed on the battlefield and to which the credit is due to re-correct the fateful battle equation in favor of Marib and in favor of the Yemen project The Great, Yemen is for everyone, not from a dynasty, group, or region.
In the battles of Harib and Al-Juba, the word of the young men was the high – not to diminish the roles of Shayban Al-Beard – and their heroism formed the pillar of solid resistance, and they were the ones who stood in front of the hordes of the enemy, a legendary stand, and they tasted woe and defeat. It has advanced technologies, the intensity of its fire, and its new means of thermal and ballistic missiles and drones.
In the last battles, the youth constituted a sign of a new stage – living and dead – in which strength, steadfastness and daring were not available at any time and place. Today, we deserve to bow to all of them, whether the martyrs or the wounded and those who remained alive. It is he who made the new equation, not only the living but also the dead who resisted To die by death, they gave the living an additional opportunity for a confrontation that is still going on in it. A victory is looming on the horizon, even if the skeptics, the avatars and the cowards doubt..

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