The Battle of Marib and the upcoming results


The Houthis believe that they are making advances in the battle of Marib, and they are originally only bringing more disasters and destruction to the Yemenis. They do not kill non-Yemenis and do not fight against non-Yemenis. Yemenis.

Al-Houthi and his supporters, including those in his areas of control, know the results of his intense aggression against Marib and how the bill for it has cost more and more than the results of his desperate aggression from the beginning of the year 2020 AD on the various fronts of the governorate and eastern Al-Jawf.

There will be no results for the battle of Ma’rib other than more cemeteries in the areas under the control of the terrorist Houthi who are being pushed into his Iranian-backed aggression against Yemenis from Ma’rib who defend their homes, land and homeland, and the people of other provinces who stand by them defending their homeland and their republic.

Al-Houthi is well aware of the great difference in the size of his human and material losses during the past days and hours. The more he intensifies his aggression against Marib, whether by trying to get closer or expanding the scope of the war and the fronts, the more expensive the bill without achieving or achieving anything.

And the results of the battle of Marib in the coming days will be nothing but more severe, fierce and deadly for al-Houthi and those with whom he fights in his ranks, and there will be no fate awaiting the oppressive invaders who attack Marib and its people and residents from the sons of Yemen other than death and destruction.

The talk of Ma’rib and its leaders, Republican Yemen, and the battles of the past few days was more clear about the results of the Ma’rib battle and the fate awaiting al-Houthi and those who push them into his aggression and oppression against Ma’rib and its people and residents from among the sons of Yemen.

All the disasters and crises Yemenis are experiencing today are the results of the battle of Marib, which was made, imposed and fueled by the Houthi movement. He finds those who follow him other than more destruction and perdition.

Those whom al-Houthi promises and promises them that he is making achievements in the battle of Marib, he promises them nothing but sunset forever at the hands of Marib and its men and the men of Yemen on whom al-Houthi imposed war on them under the directives of Iran without choice, down to its will and for its sake.

To whom the Houthi lies that the results of the battle of Ma’rib will be his control over it and he promises them its wealth. Death and poverty from recruiting your children and spending them on the fronts, and from looting your money by cutting salaries and services, imposing unjust taxes on you and levies, and forcing you to donate to what he calls the war effort for him and for him??!.

If the telecommunications revenues that Al-Houthi earn are more than many times the revenues of Safer products, and Al-Houthi did not provide any service to the population in his areas, and even stopped the salaries of employees in his areas of control, then what could he offer them other than death and poverty? Be humble and honor him so that he stops stinging Yemenis and collecting donations from them, lamenting and crying.

Al-Houthi will continue to delude the idiots and push them to the crematoria of death, and they will find nothing but death and poverty from it. As for Ma’rib and its battle, it has no results other than death and destruction for the invaders, the agents of Iran who are fighting for it and for it, and victory for Yemen at the hands of those who defend the republic, identity, and gains of unity and the people in Marib.

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